115 Volt ECO Series Wet Rotor Pump 3/4HP

115 Volt ECO Series Wet Rotor Pump 3/4HP
Item# 115volt-ECO-wet-3/4hp

Product Description

115 volt Eco Series Wet Rotor Pump

3/4 HP (More volume and pressure than 1/2HP) Available with: 30' power cord to be attached to your cord 115 volt 6605 GPH 593 watts / 5 AMPS 1-1/4" Threaded Discharge Pipe included Intake debris cover included 3M Splice Kit included.

Many pump failures are a direct result of water with high dirt and mineral concentrations which cause overheating and ruin the seals that protect the pump motor. Our wet rotor pumps eliminate seal failure and allow for thorough maintenance & cleaning. One Year Limited Warranty