2 HP 8400 VFX Display Aerator 250' cord

2 HP 8400 VFX Display Aerator 250' cord
Item# kasco8400vfx-250

Product Description

2 HP 8400 VFX Display Aerator With C-85 Control Panel (230v) 250' power cord

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The 8400VFX (Single Phase) & 2.3VFX ( 3 Phase), 2 hp floating aerating fountain is great for larger ponds. The classic Kasco "V" fountain pattern, 8' tall x 32' wide gives this model a beautiful eye-catching display. The larger motor and enhanced propeller design gives the 8400VFX 2.5 times the water flow as the 4400VFX. It is precision engineered to add maximum oxygen to improve your pond or lake aeration. It will assist in improving your water quality as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal of your pond.