Vortex Aerator

Vortex Aerator
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Product Description

Motor: 1/2 HP 4" Stainless Steel Motor, UL Listed, Water Cooled. Available in 115 volt or 230 volt. NOTE: CHOOSE EITHER 115v or 230V NOT BOTH. Volume: Propeller design for higher volume circulation & aeration. Approx. 250-300 GPM Float: 36" Professional series float, durable and stable, UV resistant, stainless steel anchoring hardware Power Cord: SJEO non-wicking power cord, available in multiple lengths GFCI: GFCI protection provided on 115 volt units. GFCI protection on 230 volt units provided by end user Timer: Optional Timer Water Depth: Operates in 3 feet of water Display: V shaped pattern, 7-8 feet in height, 16-18 feet in diameter Lights: Optional light kits available Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty Screen: Stainless steel screen around propeller / intake Operating Cost: Approximately $0.10 - $0.11

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